What is the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) Recipe?

In a tall glass, add:

  • • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • • 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Fill the glass with 8-10 oz filtered water and stir it up.

You should seek to drink your lemonade fresh – within ten minutes of preparing it.  When it is fresh, it has the most beneficial enzymes that will help you with nutrition and help you on your Cleanse.  These enzymes break down as time passes.

If you find that the mixture is too sweet, you can try it with 1 tablespoon of the maple syrup.  If you are tired or don’t have enough energy, you can drink more of the lemonade mixture throughout the day, or you can increase the maple syrup to 3 tablespoons per glass.

If you can’t make your lemonade fresh, for instance if you are on the go all day and away from home, you can mix the maple syrup and the lemonade ahead of time and keep it in a thermos.  You can mix enough to make multiple glasses of the lemonade.  Then, when you need a glass, measure out four tablespoons of this mixture, add the cayenne pepper (don’t forget to take it with you), and water wherever you are.  The maple syrup acts as a preservative for the enzymes in the lemons.  Drink the mixture within 10 minutes of adding the water.

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A Typical Day on the Master Cleanse

So what does a day on the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) actually look like?

In the morning, you take a laxative, which can be a laxative tea (smooth move or your favorite) or the salt water flush.

About an hour after this laxative, or after your first elimination with the salt flush, have your first glass of lemonade mixture.

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During the day, you will drink 6-12 glasses of the lemonade mixture.   Drink it whenever you are tired or hungry.  If you need more than 12, go right ahead and have more than 12.  6-12 is the average amount most people drink.

You will not drink anything else but water, and you may have decaffeinated herbal tea as well.  Have your herbal tea as you wish throughout the day.  If you don’t want it, don’t have it at all.  It is simply for your variety.

You will not eat any solid foods, or have any caffeine, alcohol, or anything else to drink.

At night, before bed, you will have another laxative.

And that’s it! You’ll do this for 10 days total and then you are done. If you follow the Master Cleanse directions exactly, you’ll have more energy and vitality during your cleanse than you do normally, so don’t be too intimidated by what a typical day looks like. You can do it!

Let me know what you think about a typical day on the cleanse in the comments.

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